“The TV Cancellation Bloodbath: A Look at Recent Axed Shows That Shocked Audiences”

“The TV Cancellation Bloodbath: A Look at Recent Axed Shows That Shocked Audiences”

Even though today’s TV landscape looks radically different from the status quo even a decade ago, with the growing abundance of streaming services, it hasn’t yet disrupted the fact that shows drop like flies every May as networks shape their upcoming schedules while going wild with cancellation and renewal announcements. 2023 certainly hasn’t been the stage for a rebellion on that front, as all kinds of shows’ fates have been sealed this month already, and there are weeks to go. (Though such fates aren’t always permanent, with S.W.A.T.’s cancellation being reversed after Shemar Moore echoed fan complaints.)

Below, we’ve rounded up all the big shows coping with cancellation news in May 2023, with both new entries and established favorites facing the axe, with the ongoing WGA writers strike possibly fueling some of those decisions.

  1. Call Me Kat (Fox):
    • Mayim Bialik’s sitcom faces cancellation after a drop in ratings during its third season.
  2. The Winchesters (The CW):
    • Jensen Ackles’ Supernatural prequel spinoff falls victim to The CW’s cost-cutting measures, but efforts are underway to save the show.
  3. The Company You Keep (ABC):
    • Milo Ventimiglia’s con man drama fails to perform well and gets canceled shortly after its season finale.
  4. Man Vs. Bee (Netflix):
    • Rowan Atkinson’s quirky comedy struggles to gain traction and fails to secure a second season.
  5. East New York (CBS):
    • Despite a promising start, behind-the-scenes problems and declining viewership lead to cancellation.
  6. Archer (FXX):
    • The long-running animated spy comedy announces that its upcoming Season 14 will be its last.
  7. Alaska Daily (ABC):
    • Hilary Swank’s newspaper drama gets canceled despite having a dedicated fanbase.
  8. Yellowstone (Paramount Network):
    • Kevin Costner’s neo-western series heads towards its endgame with the remaining Season 5 episodes yet to be filmed.
  9. Walker: Independence (The CW):
    • The past-set spinoff fails to build an audience and gets canceled, while the main show, Walker, is renewed.
  10. Lockwood & Co. (Netflix):
    • Joe Cornish’s adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s series gets canceled despite positive responses from viewers.
  11. Big Sky (ABC):
    • The third season fails to attract new viewers, leading to cancellation despite the addition of notable cast members.
  12. Fantasy Island (Fox):
    • The TV reboot of Fantasy Island lasts for two seasons before being canceled.
  13. Kung-Fu (The CW):
    • The series, featuring an Asian-American cast, gets canceled despite completing three seasons.
  14. Sweet Tooth (Netflix):
    • The fantasy drama receives a final season to conclude the story of Gus and the hybrids.
  15. True Lies (CBS):
    • The drama, executive produced by James Cameron, gets canceled after two seasons due to stereotypical narratives.

These are the shows that have fallen victim to the May TV cancellation bloodbath so far. Stay tuned to see if any more shows meet a similar fate, and check out the 2023 TV schedule to discover upcoming shows.


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