Vikings – Who Are They ,History, Origins

Vikings – Who Are They ,History, Origins

The Vikings were a seafaring humans from Scandinavia who raided, traded, and explored Europe from the 8th to the eleventh centuries. They had been skilled sailors and warriors, and their longships were the most feared vessels in the international. The Vikings had been additionally skilled craftsmen and investors, and they performed an critical position inside the development of European alternate and culture. They were also fierce warriors, and that they were chargeable for the conquest of many parts of Europe.

Who Were the Vikings ?

The Vikings have been a numerous organization of humans, but they all shared a common subculture and language. They were descended from the Germanic tribes who had settled in Scandinavia inside the Iron Age. The Vikings spoke a North Germanic language that is carefully associated to trendy Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. The Vikings were organized into tribes or chiefdoms, and every tribe became led by a major. The chief become accountable for main the tribe in struggle and making selections approximately the tribe’s welfare.

Viking Raids

The Vikings are great recognized for his or her raids on Europe. They could sail their longships throughout the North Sea and assault coastal cities and monasteries. The Vikings might take loot and slaves, and they would frequently burn the towns they attacked. The Vikings additionally raided inland, and they would tour up rivers and assault cities. They had been even recognised to raid as some distance south as Spain and Italy.

Viking Trade

The Vikings had been now not just raiders. They had been additionally skilled traders, and they traded with people throughout Europe. They traded goods together with furs, amber, and slaves. They additionally traded for goods together with cloth, metal, and spices. The Vikings’ exchange community played an important position within the improvement of European alternate and tradition. They helped to introduce new items and thoughts to Europe, and additionally they helped to unfold Christianity to Scandinavia.

Viking Exploration

The Vikings had been also skilled explorers, and they explored the North Atlantic as a long way as Iceland, Greenland, and even North America. They had been the first Europeans to reach North America, and they mounted a agreement on the coast of Newfoundland. The Vikings’ explorations helped to increase European knowledge of the arena, and in addition they helped to pave the manner for later European colonization of the Americas.

The End of the Viking Age

The Viking Age got here to an give up inside the eleventh century. The Vikings have been defeated by using numerous European armies, and that they had been additionally weakened with the aid of the unfold of Christianity. The Vikings had been absorbed into the European cultures they’d raided, and their legacy remains felt today. The Vikings’ longships are nevertheless a few of the most iconic vessels in history, and their myths and legends keep to inspire human beings today.

The Vikings’ Legacy

The Vikings left a lasting legacy on Europe. They helped to shape the improvement of European change and tradition, and additionally they helped to unfold Christianity to Scandinavia. The Vikings had been a fierce and determined humans, and that they left an indelible mark at the records of Europe.


The Vikings were a charming and complex humans, and that they have left a long-lasting legacy on the arena. They had been professional sailors, warriors, investors, and explorers, and they played an essential role in the development of European records.

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